Del Val is a 房地产经纪人 member of the National Association of 房地产经纪人s (NAR) following the Code of Ethics and conducting our business in that manner. 我们是全国住宅物业经理协会(NARPM)的成员, an organization of professionals that specialize in the management of single-family homes and small apartments. Del Val is also a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 我们的物业经理, 代理, 员工接受行业特定的继续教育和市场信息.


Picture of 吉姆麦凯克伦
President of Del Val 维护

Jim Mceachern worked for many years in the Philadelphia area completing repairs and construction of homes before he joined 德尔瓦尔地产 & 物业正规棋牌游戏平台棋牌正规游戏平台 15 years ago.

As President of Del Val 维护, 他监督并安排他的维修团队每周维修我们的租赁物业. 吉姆是一个事必躬亲的经理,他亲自视察每一处物业,对其了如指掌. He also prepares quotes for repairs or rehabbing of a property. 他与当地乡镇和市政当局协调我们业主物业的许可和检查, 由于每个地区对物业出租的发牌要求不同,哪一项是重要的.

Jim is well known to our owners as he actively communicates with them about 他们的财产 and what is best for them. 因为我们德尔瓦尔的每个业主都相信他们的财产是我们最重要的财产, 吉姆努力为每个业主带来价值,当涉及到他们最大的投资, 他们的财产!

Picture of 米歇尔Lautensack
President, Principal Broker

米歇尔·劳滕萨克(米歇尔Lautensack)负责Del Val的各个方面,并将其业务结合在一起, 财务和营销技能,以帮助提供卓越的结果和发展公司. Mike is a licensed real estate agent and principal broker. He is also a member of the National Association of Residential 物业经理s (NARPM) and holds the prestigious Accredited Residential Manager® (ARM®) designation through the Institute of Real Estate Management. Prior to starting Del Val, Mike worked in the corporate world serving as a turnaround consultant and financial manager in the healthcare industry.

Picture of 玛丽·安·布伦南
Director of Rental Services

玛丽·安·布伦南 is our Director of Rental Services. 从事房地产行业的销售代理和物业正规棋牌游戏平台棋牌正规游戏平台工作, Mary Ann has a wealth of knowledge and experience which lends to her ability to support every aspect of our company. She works hard to give everyone a personalized experience with Del Val. 玛丽安和她的团队承诺每天尽最大努力确保您的体验, no matter what your relationship with Del Val, to be the utmost in customer satisfaction and trust.

Director of HOA Services

吉姆·卡伦牌 is our Director of HOA Services. 在房地产行业工作,在特拉华州有执照的房地产经纪人, 军事私有化, new development construction, commercial property management and affordable housing, Jim has been able to utilize his hands-on experience in management and consulting to become a resource for his teammates. Jim and his teammates are focused on customer service. Working in tandem with Communities to enhance their home life experience.

Picture of 凯瑟琳•沃尔夫
Director of Accounting Services

Kathy, Director of Accounting Services. Kathy brings over 30 years of Accounting experience to 德尔瓦尔地产 & 物业正规棋牌游戏平台棋牌正规游戏平台 along with her can-do attitude Kathy is known for dedicating herself to the best quality effort in every endeavor she undertakes. When she's not lending a helping hand in her professional life, she can be found spending time with her husband, two children and extended family.

物业经理s - Rental

Picture of 晴美罗素

晴美罗素是一位专注且经验丰富的专业人士,于2015年4月加入Del Val. She came to 德尔瓦尔地产 & 具有丰富的物业正规棋牌游戏平台棋牌正规游戏平台经验,包括但不限于物业正规棋牌游戏平台棋牌正规游戏平台, contracts and lease work, 应付账款, 调度, 故障排除, 工作指令, 识别欺诈, project and administrative work. Harumi is a very detail-oriented team member with a strong work ethic who delivers best in class customer service every day.

Picture of Cha 'ron里德
Cha 'ron里德
Assistant Director or Rental Services/物业经理

Cha 'ron Reid是高级物业经理,于2022年5月成为Del Val家族的一员! 她是一名新注册的房地产经纪人,拥有多年的租赁和物业正规棋牌游戏平台棋牌正规游戏平台经验. Originally from the City of Brotherly Love (Philadelphia), Cha’ron has spent the past 7 years working in Montgomery and Chester counties. 作为物业经理,她非常关心业主和租户的需求! In her free time Cha’ron is either coaching rising entrepreneurs or TikTok’ing. Cha’ron prides herself in having great organizational and interpersonal skills and is eager to provide the highest customer experience possible.


Born in the heart of North Philadelphia Kevin K. 小石头. entered the industry of real estate with full force! Averaging 13 leases a month at a 500-unit garden-style community, Kevin embraced the world of real estate as it hugged him back. Kevin became a licensed real estate agent and 房地产经纪人 in 2015 and since has continued to expand his knowledge and experiences. From assisting with developing new businesses and providing extensive knowledge to private 投资者 to becoming a five-star property manager at multiple luxury multi-family communities. Kevin is always looking to help his clients and co-members with a helping hand, 一个微笑, 或者只是一个有趣的事实.

Picture of Preeti Raj Kumar
Preeti Raj Kumar

自2018年起担任持牌房地产经纪人,在租赁和正规棋牌游戏平台棋牌正规游戏平台多户房产方面拥有多年经验. Originally from Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania. Preeti has spent the last 5 years in Multifamily properties in Delaware County. 作为物业经理,她非常关心业主和租户的需求. 在她的业余时间 Preeti reads books or listens to music. Preeti prides herself in having great organizational and interpersonal skills and is eager to provide the highest experience possible to delight.

Picture of 杰西卡·夏普

杰西卡·夏普 joined DelVal in June, 2024 as a Rental 物业经理. 她从2003年开始从事物业正规棋牌游戏平台棋牌正规游戏平台行业,拥有多年的经验. She has experience in both 租赁 and HOA/Condo management. She prides herself with holding excellent customer service and leadership skills as she feels that building a positive rapport with clients is most important and that makes for a successful business relationship. 在她的业余时间, Jessica enjoys photography and spending time with her husband, two children and two dogs.


Picture of 亚历克斯Dusewicz
Assistant Director of HOA/物业经理

Alex duusewicz是我们HOA部门物业经理团队的最新成员. 他在切斯特县出生并长大,离他现在居住的地方不远. Alex brings to us over 13 years of property management experience with a background in residential property maintenance. 他全面的技能和实践方法使他能够从整体角度解决挑战.


保罗斯林 is one of our dedicated HOA property managers. He currently manages 22 of our associations, 利用他在9年的物业正规棋牌游戏平台棋牌正规游戏平台工作中发展和完善的技能. Paul has been with Del Val since the spring of 2018 and offers his vast experience with coordinating/managing property maintenance projects and improvements as well as his fine-tuned people skills and problem-solving acumen. Paul’s confident experience, 冷静的举止和沟通才能使他所服务的社区的董事会和业主受益.

Picture of 阿丽莎挤华莱士

阿丽莎挤华莱士拥有丰富的背景,拥有10多年的设施正规棋牌游戏平台棋牌正规游戏平台经验. She also has 3 years experience in Residential 物业正规棋牌游戏平台棋牌正规游戏平台 & 维护. Alisha recently joined our HOA Department here at 德尔瓦尔地产 & 物业正规棋牌游戏平台棋牌正规游戏平台. She has a pleasant, go-getter attitude and is always willing to help. She is well-rounded and can adapt well to any situation. Consider yourself lucky if you have her as your property manager.


伊恩Maloy于2022年夏末加入Del Val团队,担任HOA物业经理. Ian is a longtime Chester County resident and brings a unique blend of calm professionalism and quick learning abilities to the department. 他的勤奋使他能够熟练地处理即使是最极端的情况. He is a valuable asset to any community that he works with.

Picture of 约翰·格里芬

With a background in multifamily property management, John started as a concierge and swiftly ascended roles in leasing, 销售, and management across diverse settings, from garden-style to high-rise properties. John brings a wealth of experience and creative flair to the table. 职业生涯之外, John is also a passionate photographer, capturing the world's beauty through his lens. 致力于培育繁荣的社区,并有捕捉重要时刻的眼光, John embodies the perfect blend of professionalism and creativity to ensure a seamless operation while maintaining the integrity of the HOA.

Picture of Vyneeka霍普金斯
CAM, 居屋物业经理

Vyneeka霍普金斯 comes from Philadelphia with years of experience in the rental field and multisite property management. 她最近加入Del Val,成为新的HOA经理,正在上课以获得她的房地产许可证. Vyneeka provides great customer service and takes great pride in her work. 她对细节的高度关注和组织能力使她成为团队的宝贵财富.



Seema brings four years’ experience in AP, AR. She holds a bachelor degree in Commerce and a Masters Degree in Finance. Seema handles the billing and receivables of the HOA department.

Picture of 珍妮Jantzi
Front Desk Administrator

Jeanne has been with Del Val for 3 years. She answers phones and directs the calls to the property managers. Jeanne loves speaking to tenants, owners, and vendors. 在加入Del Val之前,Jeanne在食品行业做了20年的餐饮服务. When she is not working , Jeanne takes care of her grandchildren.

Picture of 多萝西·吉布森
Tenant Onboarding Manager

Dottie is a Maine native and moved to Pennsylvania in 2004. She has many years experience working in 物业正规棋牌游戏平台棋牌正规游戏平台. 在多蒂的空闲时间,她喜欢烹饪/餐饮活动和做户外活动与她的家人. Dottie brings a can-do attitude and who is someone you can depend on.

Picture of 贾里德·雅各布斯

Jared joined the 德尔瓦尔地产 & 物业正规棋牌游戏平台棋牌正规游戏平台 team in August 2023 as the marketing Manager. 他负责租赁和销售物业的所有市场营销和广告, working frequently with property owners and leasing/销售 代理. Jared’s background includes 19 years of commercial real estate experience, managing multiple research teams. His core responsibilities over that period included the written production of quarterly reports for the Philadelphia real estate market, 统计分析, 演讲, and working with brokers and clients on a daily basis. Jared graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a B.A. 政治学.



马克Furia has successfully operated many businesses in the past 38 years, his first was a regional courier company started in 1984 that provided area business with customized delivery solutions for all their time sensitive delivery needs. Named in 1997 as one of the fastest growing companies by the Wharton Business School and the Philadelphia Business Journal, Mark’s company went on to new heights and was later sold to an Inc. 500 company in late 2000. Mark stayed in the industry for a few years as an Independent transportation consultant helping other large national companies acquire smaller companies. In 2004 with an interest in real estate and home building, Mark launched his second company specializing in the 销售, development and financing of manufactured housing, also 被称为预制. Mark has developed, built and rehabbed over 100 homes to date, retaining several property’s as part of his own investment portfolio as lender, owner and or 房东.

After receiving his PA Real Estate License in 2011, Mark then joined a startup firm as a strategic partner with the goal of developing its services of residential leasing and property management into the Chester and Montgomery 县市场. After 4 years and developing a portfolio of over 120 Investment properties under management, Mark wanted to work with a firm who shared his goals of providing “service excellence” to his clients and joined Del Val Realty and 物业正规棋牌游戏平台棋牌正规游戏平台 in March of 2015 to further expand their portfolio of quality investment properties and also offering his clients additional services including the ability to sell their Investment asset. 到目前为止, Mark has successfully negotiated over 1500 leases, 50 plus 销售 and listed over 250 Managed units and retains a personal portfolio of 5 Investment properties himself.

You can reach Mark at 484-686-2423

Picture of 马克Lebowitz


Picture of 史蒂夫Casey-McLoughlin
NRES - CAP-OM - Leasing Agent

Steve is a NYC native and moved to Philadelphia in the summer of 2021! He is relatively new to being a licensed 房地产经纪人, 然而,他在房地产开发和物业正规棋牌游戏平台棋牌正规游戏平台方面有多年的工作经验. 史蒂夫是一名鹰级童子军,在他的空闲时间,他喜欢探索城市,露营,徒步旅行 & 什么户外活动. He is also heavily involved in his local community in South Philly, volunteering with the local Boy Scout troops and other community organizations. He considers himself to be a #Community房地产经纪人 because he really likes to connect with his clients and the communities that he serves to be the most effective 房地产经纪人 & property manager that he can be. Steve is a proud member of the Tri-County Suburban Association of 房地产经纪人s and he is looking forward to helping you with all of your renting & property management needs!

Picture of 阿里卡米勒

遇见一个充满激情和专注的房地产专业人士,拥有超过16年的行业经验. 作为房地产经纪人, 我选择这条职业道路不仅仅是为了经济独立,也是为了掌握自己的命运. Starting out in financing gave me valuable knowledge and insight that has helped me educate my clients completely.

MY WHY my 7+ children , family, my parents, and the desire for personal freedom. 在帮助家庭满足他们最基本的需求时,我感到很有成就感, 购买房屋. 作为房地产经纪人最好的部分是激励和帮助家庭实现他们的梦想. I have built my business from the ground up, which instilled within me a sense of pride and accomplishment.

我感谢上帝,我有一支出色的团队和助手,他们总是在那里帮助我. 在一起, we can achieve our desired goals, and I believe that the time and effort I put into my clients and business now will determine how great the rewards are in helping families realize their dreams of homeownership.

For me, impacting the lives of others positively is my greatest achievement. 在每一笔交易中,我都力求超越别人对我的期望. I believe that if you are passionate about something and love what you do, the results are always priceless.

作为房地产经纪人, I have assisted clients with real estate transactions such as purchases on residential and commercial property transactions, rehab projects and construction purchases. My clients range from first-time homebuyers, 投资者, 以及那些对购买房屋或商业物业一无所知的自雇人士. My mission statement is "Here to serve and walk you through it all."

If you're thinking about becoming a 房地产经纪人, my tip for you is to go for it! I encourage everyone to pursue their dreams and take a leap of faith. Every great business began with an idea, and you never know where the road will take you if you don't travel on it.

Picture of 大卫·帕特里奇

David is an experienced agent with three years in the business. David dynamically delivers for his clients, who range from first-time home buyers to 投资者 and everyone in between. He offers his clients and prospects the most relevant and essential data on the housing market so that his clients get the deals that they deserve. David volunteers for his local fire department in his free time and gives his time to other volunteer causes like site cleanups and feeding kitchens. David is constantly learning, and besides studying the housing market for exciting opportunities, David studies languages and likes exercising.

Picture of 真诚的卡马拉

这是一位23岁的房地产经纪人,有三年的行业经验. Known for his unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, 真诚为每一笔房地产交易带来独特的年轻与专业的融合. With a keen eye for detail and a personable approach, he is dedicated to turning property dreams into reality.